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Avant-garde property development

Good design is timeless and unexpendable 

Our work delves into the realms of culture, heritage, environment, and technology.
We connect the bridge between profound ideas and realistic longevity, without losing sight of intimate attention to detail.

Calma Properties Inc. is a collaborative team headed by Carlo Calma & Jp Calma, who works with various talents ranging from Architects, Artists, Builders, Chefs, Designers, Engineers, and Scientists, mostly from the second generation Calma Family whose patriarchs originate from Mount Arayat, Pampanga, Philippines.

To be the avant-garde property developer utilizing design precepts that are progressive, non-commercial, and above standard.

Our design thrusts are in the realms of culture, heritage, environment, and technology. We intend to balance profound ideas

“Simply put, at its pinnacle, professional real estate development is about architecture—it shouldn’t be about branding, location, scalability, nor financial strength. Architecture is such a potent creative force—it can break through lifestyle dogmas, cultural latencies, and new templates of art production; all about the expansion of human potentials through highly experiential real estate products. If there is slow food, fast food, and Michelin-rated food—so should be the case for real estate development.”

— JP Calma

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