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BluPrint was streaming live on their Facebook page at the World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam where our very own Carlo Calma presented to the judges, The Infinity House.

The Fantastical Infinity House

Carlo Calma delights the jury with a unique and art film-level video during his live crit at the World Architecture Festival on December 5, 2019, 11:00 am (6:00 pm Manila time).

Geplaatst door BluPrint op Donderdag 5 december 2019

The video presentation didn’t disappoint. It showcased the house, performed by dancers from Ballet Philippines and their costumes created by Leeroy New.

One of the highlights would be a comment from Roger Zogolovitch, one of the judges, who thought this design would be a feat in itself to accomplish. In his words, “Anybody in this room that normally deals in the construction world would find this very very challenging. In England, we’d see this and (would say) oooh, I don’t think so.”

When interviewed by BluPrint, he continues to highlight that the project is “a triumph of engineering.” More on that interview below.

This just shows how the Calma family doesn’t back down from a challenge. Their dedication to the craft of architecture and construction is proof that their projects like this one is truly world-class.

The Infinity House
World Architecture Festival Presentation

This project has also been recognised at the Global Architecture Design Awards early this year. The news was quickly picked up by BluPrint and contacted Carlo to learn more about how this “fantastical” infinity house was designed.

Feast your eyes on Carlo’s design. He created it to show his infinite love for his father, Pabling Calma, also the founder of well-renowned construction firm MDCC.