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14.6760° N, 121.0437° E
Location: Quezon City
Estimated No. of floors: *25
Estimated Completion Date: TBA

The project serves as an ‘incubation’ of the site’s history & memories. Once the setting of iconic Filipino films, the preservation of the 80-year old home’s rich heritage and historic infrastructure is something we give value to—introducing a refreshing approach to property development.

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14.4793° N, 121.0198° E
Location: Paranaque City
Estimated No. of Units: 6 Units (3-storey Townhouse)
Project Status: Ready For Occupancy

The concept of these six-unit townhouse residences is about interlocking white boxes that is inspired by creating an artificial suspended mountain tableau of vertical landscape. Each unit is handcrafted to create natural sunlight, cross ventilation and ultimate window views. We consider this as an innovative way of living where there are areas of play and entertainment.

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Museum for Architecture + Residences

Location: Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Estimated No. of floors: 22 floors
Estimated Completion Date: TBA

The Calma family of architects and designers together with Sou Fujimoto, an award-winning Japanese architect known for his innovative designs, are set to build the Museum for Architecture + Residences (MFA+R) which can be a game changer in architecture design.With Fujimoto’s philosophy of integrating nature and architecture, the museum’s over-arching design concept is a “reinterpretation of rice fields” seen in a vertical landscape.


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“Simply put, at its pinnacle, professional real estate development is about architecture—it shouldn’t be about branding, location, scalability, nor financial strength. Architecture is such a potent creative force—it can break through lifestyle dogmas, cultural latencies, and new templates of art production; all about the expansion of human potentials through highly experiential real estate products. If there is slow food, fast food, and Michelin-rated food—so should be the case for real estate development.”

—JP Calma

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