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Long-lasting lifespan of 9000 hours

Low maintenance and care

Designed for safety and efficiency

Our AYL Product

  Disinfection Box


Ultra violet – C (UVC) irradiation has proven good germicidal capabilities against bacteria, viruses and other airborne pathogens.

Technical Features:

• Minimum UV intensity output is 250 μW/cm² with ozone production to achieve 99.99% disinfection.
• Interior aluminium body.
• Push button switch to start and automated timer to stop.
• With rack to support objects to be disinfected for minimising shadows and more surfaces to be exposed with ozone.
• Door with view opening for UV monitoring.
• UVC lamp lifespan 9000 hours.
• Does not require any special maintenance except for the replacement of the lamps.

How to use :

1. Put the items to be disinfected on the rack preferably providing more spacing in between for ozone disinfection.
2. Close the door and press the start push button.
3. Monitor UVC lamp light for around one minute and wait for ten minutes for ozone disinfection to finish.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the common inquiries about AYL

Can I use this at my home, the office, etc.?
Yes, AYL UV-C Box is perfectly safe for the home and the office. Please follow the instructions included in your purchase regarding safety installations.
Is this safe for the children or for my family?
YES! The UV-C box has been tested and determined safe for family members and children. Refer to the safety instruction manual regarding family precautions and what to do when you experience adverse effects. Don’t forget to consult with your physicians in case any adverse reactions appear.
Where can I get the AYL UV-C box?
You can order them through our online store. Please click this link.
Do you guys have a delivery service?
We have a delivery service that comes with an online purchase. Please click this link to find out information about rates and delivery options.